Swipload agrees deal with Doka Norway

Swipload is set to deliver transport management solutions to Doka Norway.

Swipload agrees deal with Doka Norway
Thomas Bergstøl

Swipload, a leading provider of transport management solutions, has partnered with Doka Norway, a world-renowned company specializing in innovative formwork and scaffolding solutions for the construction industry.

As part of the partnership, Swipload will deliver its modern digital tool to enhance and streamline Doka Norway's transport operations.

Stein Høymyr, Operations Manager Norway, is enthusiastic about the upcoming system upgrade:

 "Swipload provides us with a comprehensive digital solution that empowers our teams to handle the increasing order volume efficiently. We'll have a single platform for project management, warehouse operations, finance, and transportation, enabling seamless cooperation and communication across all departments and devices. From tracking deliveries to managing invoices and handling deviations, Swipload's system covers it all."

The implementation of Swipload's system will commence inAsker, Trondheim, and Bergen.

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