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Popular questions

How does the Swipload platform work, and who is it designed for?

Swipload is a cloud-based system platform for Shippers designed to support daily transport planning and transport execution management. The platform solution is specifically tailored to roles such as transport planners, freight forwarders and similar/other logistics personnel.

Swipload provides Shippers with a user-friendly, intuitive, and powerful support tool for their daily work in executing transport operations.

The platform offers a range of different modules, from basic freight order management to more complex functionality such as handling carrier contracts and streamlining invoice flow and payments.

Swipload is particularly well-suited for entities in industries such as concrete, steel, building materials, manufacturing, timber, agriculture, fishery and similar.

Swipload connects the Shipper transport-team, their network of Carriers and the customer/receiver of goods in a single, streamlined digital surface.

Can Swipload offer digital freight documents?

Yes, Swipload creates digital freight documents.

The documents can be printed if needed.

What is required to start using Swipload?

Using Swipload only requires a computer or smartphone with an internet connection.

What do Shippers need to install, download or purchase for hardware to use Swipload?

Using Swipload does not require any downloads, installations, or additional hardware.

General questions

How does Swipload differ from other transport- and logistics systems?

Firstly, Swipload is primarily tailored to the needs of companies and entities that purchase transport (Shippers).

Secondly, Swipload can offer powerful smart modules such as CO2 and environmental reports, project management, administration of transport contracts, a freight Spot module, Carrier management, solutions for automated and simplified invoice handling, communication and messaging, archive, deviations, signatures, and more. In other words, Swipload offer a complete work suite for Shipper transport management teams.

Thirdly, Swipload places a strong emphasis on intuitive design, making it easy to learn and use regardless of technical skills.

Can Swipload be integrated with my existing enterprise management systems?

Yes, Swipload can be integrated with most ERP, WMS, and TMS systems available on the market today.

Swipload has a flexible and modern API, robust integration resources, and delivers tailored integration solutions to all user needs.

What is the cost structure for using Swipload?

Swipload has a standard cost for the basic module setup, which is Freight
Order and Carrier network management.

Furthermore, Shippers can add modules such as Integrations, Project
Management, Co2- and Environment Reports and Insight, Contract
management etc.

Number of user accounts per company and Freight order volume is not
priced, and has no limits. Please reach out to our Sales team for a more detailed discussion about your needs and for more information about potential cost structures.

My transport management operation is complex and has many variables. How can I trust Swipload to meet my demands?

All new users and customers go through a tailormade workshop project in order to identify the ideal customized setup of the Swipload platform.

The Swipload team place a very strong focus on Support and close customer dialogue in order to understand individual needs.

Swipload offers Premium Support services, including closed chat groups directly with Customer Success Managers and developers.

Do Swipload work for freights crossing borders?


Swipload allows Shippers to invite users from Carriers worldwide.

Can Carriers use Swipload even if they have their own TMS?

Yes, Carriers operating with a TMS can use Swipload, both with or without integration.

The recommended Swipload usecase for Carriers operating with a TMS is integration, providing Carriers with a seamless flow of freight orders from their Shipper customers into their TMS.

How can carriers start using Swipload?

Initially, Carriers only need to create a user account to start using Swipload.

Carriers can obtain a user account either through an invitation from their Shipper customers (who are currently using Swipload), or by directly contacting the Swipload Support Team.

What services are provided to Carriers throuh the Swipload platform?

Carriers can receive freight orders from their customers, and get a digital overview of the customer deliveries.

Carriers are also able to digitally sign off on pickup and delivery of the freight orders, and can register any deviations in the delivery (such as damages, delays, waiting time, etc.).

Carriers will also have access to the Swipload Spot module, where they can provide quotes for freight assignments from Shippers in the Swipload network.

What are the cost for Carriers using Swipload?

For carriers, the use of Swipload is free.

Do the Carriers used by Shippers in their daily operations also need to use Swipload?

Shippers only need to set up Carriers and provide them with user accounts.

The Swipload user account consists of name, company, email and phone number.

Swipload offers Carriers with no TMS a free and easy to use digital surface for managing their deliveries for their customers.

For Carriers using a TMS Swipload offers seamless integration possibilities. Through integration Carriers can continue working as normal and use their own hardware signature devices.

How can Swipload help Shippers to organize their network of Carriers?

For Shippers Swipload is built to register and organize all their Carrier networks.

For example, Transport planners, Freight Forwarders and other user personnel can organize their Carrier contacts and Carrier network into Groups, and distribute freight quotes or direct orders to the carriers.

Swipload automatically notify selected Carriers by mail or SMS. Swipload also support messaging, archive and team interaction.

My Shipper company already have existing and traditional integrations with our Carrier network. Why should we use Swipload?

By switching to Swipload as the supplier of integration connections to
Carrier TMS, Shippers are able to further streamline and enhance their
transport operations by adding the different Swipload modules to their
integration setup.

As an example, a Swipload integration connection to your Carrier company offers a new level of flexibility and user friendliness in the daily transport management operations, making performing updates, changes and deviations much more seamless and hassle-free.

Secondly, the different Swipload modules offer features such as shared delivery calendar, CO2 and environmental accounting, project management,
administration of Carrier contracts, automated billing with pricing
calculator, team and carrier communications, timeline, archive, deviation management, as well as powerful freight order and invoice

In other words, Swipload offer Shippers more than merely integration
services to their preferred Carriers.

How can I as a Shipper be confident that the Swipload integration to my Carrier network is set up according to my preferred needs and demands?

Swipload has a strong focus on providing excellent customer service and customer dialogue.

Each integration project is built based upon a close dialogue with each individual user, in order to ensure all preferred data exchange points are being covered.

Shippers are also offered Premium support Solutions, including direct Microsoft Teams Chat support with Customer Success Managers and Developers.

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