Move your transport operation forward

Frictionless Transport Management - Specialized for Shippers

Move your transport operation forward

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Swiploads Core Functionalities

Plan, simplify and streamline your transport operation

Simplify the way your team manage freight orders. Gain insight and clarity through impact analysis. Save time on redundant work with Swipload’s automation.


Connect and share real-time information across departments.

Swipload is designed to foster cohesive teamwork and seamless coordination among all departments connected to the transport operation.

Traffic planners and transport teams

Through Swipload, the traffic planners and transport teams can efficiently manage their transport operation and communication with carriers in a streamlined and shared user interface. The primary users of Swipload.

Warehouse and picking teams

Through Swipload, the picking team is always updated on the latest changes and events related to customer deliveries and daily work schedule setup.

Sales teams

Through Swipload, sales teams can track the status and events of their own freight orders and deliveries to their customers - anywhere, on their mobile phones.

Finance Team

Through Swipload, the finance team can easily access and gain live-updated info and insight on attachments and payment status related to transport invoicing.

Scope of operation

Unifying orders and quotes in a single hub

Operations with 1-3 carriers

Operations with 4-10 carriers

Operations with 10+

The Swipload Transport Management Platform – Used By

Embrace Our Web-Based Solution Across Any Hardware Setup

Swipload integrates with your existing WMS, ERP, or other enterprise or sales systems. With our plug-and-play functionality, you can swiftly set up and optimize your transport operations without the hassle of complex installations or hardware dependencies.

Scoping Swipload for your needs

We analyze your unique transport operation and determine the ideal Swipload modular setup.

Onboard internal team

We provide training and testing to ensure the product and organization is ready to start implementing Swipload in their daily operations.

Setting up your Carrier Network

We offer a 60-minute conference call with external carriers to facilitate a seamless transition to Swipload for your operations.

Support and Follow-up

We ensure close support and regular follow-up meetings during the initial phase of use.

Talk to Swipload Sales, Support or Administration

Book a platform Tour, order a Carrier user account or ask us any questions.